A Few Years From Now

by Still My Darling

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11 track LP recorded at Backroom Studios produced by Kevin Antreassian.

If you have ever listened to our music, came to a show or supported us in any way then we love you unconditionally and give you our deepest thanks.


released May 2, 2014

Vocals/Lyrics: Nicki Imperato
Guitar: Pat Dunn
Guitar: Connor Whelan
Drums: Ronnie Hamman
Bass: Greg Yanas



all rights reserved


Still My Darling Rockaway Township, New Jersey

New Jersey Metal

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Track Name: Introduction
Listen to the words I'm speaking.
Hear my voice and be conflicted.
I will cleanse the world of disease and misfortune.
I'm a sheep amongst wolves.
I will destroy all these entities.
I will drive you out for your blasphemes.
All at once we shouted, you'll be buried.
Track Name: Blender Man
All you preach is hate and destruction.
You've turned back on God and, loved ones.
The pure heart that was once soft and warm
Is now rigid and is so cold.

Why are you happiest at your lowest?
Is that the way you prefer to live?
Your demeanor is sickening and you think you're so threatening.
You get what you give and what you give is nothing.

You take, you take, you take but what is it you give?

I don't have to go to hell I live in Hell on Earth.
Your spite, your ego will drive you straight into the ground.
God could damn you straight to Hell,
With every last breath of your air.
This world will never give you enough.
Your cup with never run full.

I'll watch the youth incinerate.
I cannot change fate.
It's time to broaden your horizons.
Your closed mind will collapse on its
Selfish self.
Track Name: A Room With A Moose
Where have you been? We needed you.
You have sinned but God has seen.
Is he really hiding
Or is it us that can't realize our findings.

Why is it we look to the sky in disaster
As if he's not already here?
So many questions go unanswered.
So many prayers have been said
And I know they can be heard.

God has heard it all. There is a reason for your suffering.
We live our life as if,
It's the only one.
But I know there is more,
There is so much more.
With no idea as what's best for us,
Why don't we just shut our mouth?

Why is it we look to the sky in disaster
As if he's not already here?
So many questions go unanswered.
So many prayers have been said and I know they can be heard.
Track Name: Spineless
So what will you become in this damned life.
So everything you held so close,
Is falling all around you.
Will you flourish?
You start to doubt your life.
Hell tries to take every last right.
Will you triumph over Satan?
Over all your enemies?
Over your adversaries?
What is so wrong with the world we live in,
Is everything infested on it?
These creatures know my name,
By their heart.
And I will not stop until my victory.

It is not the healthy that need a surgeon but the sick and weak.
Let the blood
Fall down from the skies.
You cannot run from God.
You'll be on your knees suffering praying please for mercy to rain down.
Deteriorate your demise.

I will demolish the entity.
I am the knight in shining armor.
Track Name: Raised To Be Mammoths
Why live for now when in time is forever?
The consumption of time.
For all the legions of the depths could not,
Keep me from my kingdom in which by blood I am subscribed.
My kingdom in which by blood I'm subscribed.
God save them,
They may perish.
I'll reach for you.
When the prince confronts me.
I'll reach for you
You've rescued me and you never will,
Abandon me.
So quick to correct,
So quick to forget.
You think you've said enough,
But I don't think you've done enough.
This is insanity,
You are the disease,
And we are the cure,
Trying to restore.
I'll reach for you
When the prince confronts me.
I'll reach for you.
Track Name: Wet Work
She will never be the same.

You took something so precious.
Something oh so pure.
She was broken but somehow,
I will piece her back together now.

This is for anyone,
Who has ever felt demoralized.
This is my prayer for you.
Keep your words nothing you say can ever,

Your sadness will be coming to an end.
He will be judged.
Dry your tears for you will feel comfort.
Theres only one who can take this.

I pray he will show you mercy,
Because I will give you none.
I pray he would be shown mercy.
Her nightmares will mirror yours.
You too will feel ashamed.
Her nightmares will mirror yours.

These thoughts are crippling.

I don't scream just to waste my breath.
There is meaning behind all of this.

Piece by piece we shall restore you all.

The lying and cheating, deceiving and hurting.
Just give it up to God.

Your sadness will be coming to an end.
He will be judged.
Dry your tears for you will feel comfort.
There's only one who can take this.

Take all my hate unleash her faith.
I pray he would take forgiveness,
I pray you'd show mercy.

You're gonna need it.

Smother her in your love.
Track Name: Mint Douglas
I will never let any of you declare who I will one day become.
So step yourself back before you judge me.

I will be heard but never understood.
I will be seen but never perceived.

This is a disgusting for a humanity.
We are an assembly built off others property.

We've been leading an insidious life not knowing what we'll one day become.

Do not condense the truth.

Look at what you created here.
Look at what it's done.
Look at everything around us.
Look at what we have become.

Now there is no turning back.
Look at the present time goes so fast.

We've been leading an insidious life not knowing what we'll one day become.

I will break down these walls that you know so well.
I will break these walls.
Track Name: Would You Kindly?
They all are dead before,
Their heart ceases.
The only way to grace,
Is through the one who took my place.

We are all built on a false credence,
Uncovered by a false innocence.
Let all see your pretense,
Overshadowed by doubt and aversions.

Why can't I see you smile?
I only see you in disappointment.
With a heart of rage.
As to what I could become.

I never wanted to let you down.
But it seems it's all that I do.
Save me from the flames beneath,
My crusted feet.

Take me from all of the flames.
We sit on bended knees.

'Cause I can feel the warmth of Hell.
We sit on bended knees.

Raising from under the depths.
We sit on bended knees.

The tides are shifting under me.

Change me.

What I've done is haunting me.
Jesus save me from my wicked ways.
Track Name: What Happened To The Brown Haired Chick?
Forgive me father for I have sinned.
Embarassment surrounds me.
I finally was found out.

My soul wants to feel your grasp.
Where is (it's here) the warmth (right here) that I used to know?
Falling in my abundance of sin (you have not fallen) to my own manmade Hell.

The ineveidability of departure seems inconceivable.
The addiction (the lust) this enslavement (these chains)
This inclination of losing all aspirations.

I just want to live,
To die for you.
Yet I am pulled (yet I am pulled) by tide of thoughts.
You'll never quit on me.

Look in the mirror and see the reflections.
A disturbing image is spat in my eyes.

Every step back makes me want to strive for more.
Your acceptance is more than enough,
I'll quote the bible but what will I do with it?
I feel like I can be the biggest hypocrite.

Satan's legs are getting tired,
As I start to pull away from his grasp.

I never knew that my path was only for you.

Bring me back to my roots.

You give me warning signs but I have failed to listen.
I feel like my path is never enough.
Track Name: Zezima Is Everywhere
It's so hard to try and be who I want to be.
The perfection of man itself.
A timeless struggle never to cease.
Falling so short,
Every single time.

Trying to lead to expectations,
Leads to falling short every time.
Grace is upon for our actions
But know it's not always free.
Smother me with all of your love,
With every breath that I take in.

So here I stand looking at you.
My eyes are shut with tears of mourning,
'Cause you know every thought in my head.
Every thought before I conceive them.

Purity washes away daily,
But the cleansing is why my knees bleed.

This is why my forehead swells.
Hands callused and back near split.

Commend you.

Will I rest in peace?
Rest in peace.
Will I rest in peace,
Feeling your grace?

So here I stand looking at you.
My eyes are shut with tears of mourning,
because you know every thought in my head.
Every thought before I conceive them.

It's not what exits the body,
But it is what inserts in your soul.
Track Name: Look How Big I Drew This Dog
There is a giant in from of me.
I'll hold my stone and pray for good aim.
Knowing that it's not my own strength.
The devil towers over me.
I'll give him fury and show him who I really am.
I know that I will destroy whatever comes my way.

God's hands are present on my shoulders,
As I cry out for salvation.
Satan is clinging to my feet,
His tactics are useless on me.

What matters most is whats in store.
Not the here and not the now.
I have tasted the pleasure of this world but I am still not satisfied.

You are either with us or against us there is no in between.
My roots have grown so fragile. I need to be cleansed at once.

For the first time I am growing from experiences.
It's about time I sow seeds.

The floods are coming so open the gates.
To my heart and replenish my soul.
The demons will be filled with fear.

My whispers in the night will be shouted loud.
My whispers will be shouted in the heavens.

I swear to God,
I swear to my God,
I will give it up.

Just for one moment,
One minute in your grace.
I'm tired of living against You.
Everyday is a struggle,
but it always ends with me,
Reaching up,
Reaching up,
to You.

Sometimes I feel like a waste of flesh.
Like a waste.